The Longing for Enough


You will wish for things
you can never have
Things you didn’t know you would yearn for

Not fancy cars
vacations or expensive jewelry

You will long for
Better knees
One last hug from your mother

You will celebrate
things like birthdays
graduations, and marathons

When it’s the humble struggles
that nearly broke you

No one buys you champagne
for raising a teenager
helping your parents die
or surviving heartbreak or job loss

You will give up your dream of living in a villa in Italy
or a pied de terre in Paris

Your dreams will be about having enough
Having enough will become wildly luxurious
enough time
enough freedom
enough healthy days, deep talks and long hugs

You will long for enough
and wonder how you could have ever wanted more
When enough was everything



Ann Marie Houghtailing

Ann marie Houghtailing is the co founder of Story Imprinting, a communications firm that teaches clients the art and science of storytelling.